Why Choose Us?


A company can only be as strong as the product it builds and supports. With this in mind, our foundations are to provide you with quality products and the support you need to keep them running.


The heart of every machine is our Pure Power engine. These have been field tested in Canada for years, and have proven themselves time and again.


If trouble does arise, you have a direct technical support line to get a hold of us, and access to our network of service centers across Canada.


You can rest assured that we will always be here to support you. With thirty years of operations under our belt you can lean on our strength in the industry.

Who we are


We’re a proudly Canadian supplier of power equipment with our home office near Vancouver, British Columbia. We might dare to say we packaged the best Canadian attributes into our machines, but perhaps we shouldn’t boast and stay humble like a good Canadian.

Like a good hockey player, our machines are tough and can stand up to the rigors of the Canadian environment.

Like a good neighbor, our machines can be depended on. It could be an emergency and you need to fire up a generator to power your house to keep warm during a snow storm. Or, it could be an afternoon of work in the back where you need to power your saws and drills.

Like a good friend, our machines will come out to where you are. Camping in the wilds, tailgating before the game, or ice fishing over frozen lakes, they are the friend you bring along to power the music, heater, and help cook.


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